TEXAR / MARIA ASKTU 45 rpm 12 " vinyl


Limited 150  copy pressing
with screened covers by Josh Mead
From Minneapolis, Minnesota USA an improvisational duet.
Featuring Darren Brown (electronics/recordings) and
Richard McCollum (guitars/theremin) performing:
"The Unfortunate Rake"
TEXAR performed often throughout the midwest between
2007 and 2009, yet have more recently disappeared
Maria Askatu
From Vittoria, Spain, this debut recording is a shadowy
recording collective lead by Jarrod Olman with an untitled
collage recorded in their Basque homeland and Amsterdam
Very little is known about this shadowy recording collective,
with this recording made in early 2010. Unconfirmed rumors
of a "performance" in Northern Spain are abound.

November 2 2010
number 754
week 44
TEXAR/ MARIA ASKATU (12" by After Music Recordings)
Darren Brown from Boy Dirt Car has got the drift again. Boy
Dirt Car revived, but here he is present with two different
outfits. Somewhere between 2007 and 2009 he played as
Texar, with himself on electronics and Richard McCollum on
guitars and theremin and played some concerts in the
Midwest of the USA, yet 'more recently disappeared'. The
music is all improvised and shows traces of Boy Dirt Car: the
gritty dirty sound of feedback like guitars, taped voices and
quite obscure electronics. A pretty lo-fi recording seems to
be doing the rest. A somewhat sketchy affair when it comes
to improvisation, exploding into bouts of noise towards the
Brown is also part of a collective led by Jarrod Olman from
Spain called Maria Askatu. In this 'collage' they have
recordings from the Basque homeland and Amsterdam. Here
too we find a Boy Dirt Car influence, but also Brown's solo
work: organ like sounds, rumbling of metallic sounds, water
sounds, and mumbling voices. Perhaps constructed as part
of some ritual? Quite a mysterious piece of music, I'd say. A
collage indeed. This side I enjoyed more than the somewhat
dislocated Texar side, but throughout a pretty enjoyable
record. Crude music by and for crude people. No doubt.
Address: http://www.aftermusicrecordings.com