Peter J Woods 12" red vinyl


Peter J. Woods “Songs For Nothing”
Limited pressing of 300
Red Vinyl
Original Artwork by Josh Mead
Peter Woods J. - “Songs For Nothing” - [Aftermusic]
Spectacular “noise” release on the aptly named AfterMusic label.
In the vein of Sudden Infant and Panicsville, Woods’ use of sonic
blasts of throttling blots of electronics is balanced by plenty
of breathing space, and broken musical excerpts (piano flouncing,
guitar spritz at the end of the first track, keyboards often
filtered in at other times). Something about the alternating
black and white of noise bursts and nothingness is key (just
as compelling as the black and white art work). Some modulated
Iugula Thor screamgasm on “Miles Traveled/Earth Beneath” is
contrasted with sampled strings climbing your spine. Then into
some burrowing bass and vox humana humdrone. This release has
a lot of “vocals”, not entirely dehumanized and power-electronified
ones either. “The Notion of Progress Accepted as Myth” has these
great digitally sputtered ones, “Collapse at a Distance” has a
mournful, faroff foreign lament over sad gut-string twang before
blowing off some serious steam samplage. The closing track has
these sort of war whoops run through distortion and reverb and
then battling some sort of arcade video game, and ultimately
the game wins. Like I said, spectacular in the sense that this
has so much for the ears, it overflows into your eyes. Hope to
hear more and turn more folks on to this Milwaukee squakee
-Thurston Hunger
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Milwaukee based-conceptual artist Peter J. Woods believes: “ Music has the wonderful ability to speak to both intellect & instinct.”
“In respect for the vinyl medium I think it’s great that artists have the ability to force people into specific listening environments. So to have a full length out on After Music Recordings is just flat out awesome.”

“Songs for Nothing” develops a central sound as in guitar drone, a feedback device, starting with an image/concept to develop the piece around. Scathing, abruptly unapologetic harsh noise.
  number   771
  week      10
(LP by After Music Recordings)
After Music Recordings 'is a family run micro record label
based in Minneapolis' and we primarily know them from
releasing music by the revived Boy Dirt Car. I never heard of
Peter J. Woods, I think, who believes that 'has the wonderful
ability to speak to both intellect and instinct'. His music is
guitar based and pieces usually start with an image, although
none are forthcoming with the album. The press text reads
about 'scathing, abruptly unapologetic harsh noise', but its
not. At least not all the way in and out. There is something of
that Boy Dirt Car kind of noise approach here. Yes, its loud,
yes, it has some harsh noise, but Woods breaks things up in
silence too. Or they start out very low but then start build up
in a massive way. More a collage like approach then
necessarily something that is just a wall of noise sound. Just
as I like it, probably. Taking the best of noise, and then
moving it into the land of electro-acoustic, musique concrete
and such like to create
movements of intense music, with lots of great dynamics.
Energetic, mean, aggressive and with lots of great power. On
red vinyl, in an edition of 300 copies. (FdW)