Eric Lunde : Short Burst of Light

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Science Fiction That Is Also Fiction Science

Dr. Delambre has developed the technology to copy objects and people. But in the process he discovers he has also developed a way to copy time. Through the process, it is discovered that the daughter of an associate has begun to display odd behavior that may or may not be the result of Delambre's research. Meanwhile, a global military industrial concern, who originally funded the project, have started employing his invention in ways Dr. Delambre had not intended. Delambre and a group of his old associates decide to shut the company down before the company can proceed with a diabolic plan that could end life and time as we know it. The book tells this story through short vignettes and stylistic procedures that mimic the temporal complexity of the narrative. It is the first installment of the project Mimeoverse trilogy.
Science fiction that is also fiction science. Through short vignettes and stylistic procedures that mimic the entangled temporal complexity of the narrative as well as the science of reduplication related by the story, the book follows the events and exploits of a group of scientists first as they develop the technology of organic copying and second as they attempt to shut the process down after the technology has been commandeered by their corporate sponsor. The key to their mission rests in the being of an 8 year old girl, who has yet to realize the power she has. What they discover threatens to shred not only the fabric of space but also of time.