Eric Lunde : FaustNotFaust CD + DVDR

Image of Eric Lunde : FaustNotFaust CD + DVDR


from :Vital Weekly 872 week 10
Along with this, there is a sheet of paper in which Eric Lunde talks about his wordpress site amalgamatedtorsoandsuch, where we don't see a lot, but this text explains his interest in spoken. From John Giorno's Poetry Sytems and Richard Kostelanetz to Brion Gysin and most importantly William S. Burroughs, especially his record on Industrial Records. Working with voices, reducing them, erasing, finding new meanings along the process. On his new CD he returns to the story of Faust, the man who sold his soul to the devil for all knowing knowledge, but of comes to regret that. 'FaustNotFaust' should be seen as a 'noise-opera'. Unlike say Burroughs, Lunde uses musical elements along his voice material, and makes it indeed to an opera like work. Orchestral bits, computer bits (mostly time stretching() as well as the usual methods from Lunde of re-recording voice material with the cheapest technology available. Perhaps its not easy to see much difference with his previous work on th
subject, nor as a whole in his recent work, but it's quite a fine release - again. As a fan, you can't go wrong here.
The DVDR shows us studio and live work carried out with this material, but then with found footage, cut-up and flickering images. Bits from films, which don't mean much to me, but perhaps I don't see enough films (Richard Burton playing Faust, F.W. Murneau), which are treated with rudimentary effects. Lots of skulls, lots of images of the ockult. Nicer, perhaps, is the recording of a live concert, so we can see how Lunde performs this in concert, sitting behind a table armed with cassette players, tv screens around, beamer projection, and a metal statue of an animal - most likely the devil, I should think. This opera doesn't know any arias or theatrics, but is more alike an Robert Ashley one, rather that Richard Wagner. A nice added bonus, this DVDR. (FdW)