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A CIP release. a document regarding isolation and integration, history and existence. "Studio" recordings with field recordings. Here's what Mr. Blake Edwards of Vertonen/CIP sez: 
I first heard Lunde’s work in perhaps 1991; I was a DJ at KUCR at the University of California, doing a program that danced between punk and experimental music. I had heard of Hands To, and when I saw the Hands To / Eric Lunde split in the new bin, I gave it a whirl. As others have rightfully said before, when Lunde’s voice comes in--"your unguarded breath" it was a moment of commanding, spine tingling confusion. His work reminds me of Z'EV's uns project in how he permutates language and utilizes his "reduplicative strategies" to simultaneously bury and uncover audio. This disc is, for these ears, "classic" Lunde; tape cassette manipulation, modulation, and endless reduplications and permutations. If you like Lunde, this will be a welcome chapter in his ongoing audio explorations. If you aren't familiar with Lunde, I'd say imagine audio that has spices of Chop Shop, EVP, and John Duncan mixed into a batter of barren lands and be prepared to go on a rather unusual, and unequivocally individual, journey.