Boy Dirt Car / Andy Gallager split vinyl 12 "


Scottish Independent Music Review:

"WOW.... This is one Hell of a Jekyll and Hyde album."

This vinyl album see's the latest works by Boy Dirt Car and Andy Gallagher. Two very different sounding artists that you would not think of putting together, but strangely work amazingly well on this release.

Boy Dirt Car's side "Treacherous Young Witches" is an unnerving yet deeply satisfying 20 plus minute piece of Electro noise/alternative work, that would be an amazing soundtrack to a Sam Raimi, David Cronenberg, Guillermo Del Toro, Lucio Fulci or Ed Wood film. A really refreshing piece of work that will set your "Horror" imagination wild. We look forward to hearing more soon. 4 *'s outta 5.

Andy Gallagher's side of the vinyl opens with the instantly memorable "I Should've Stayed In Bed Today" and features Mike Watt (Minutemen/Stooges) on bass. We guarantee it's a song that'll stick in your mind for the rest of your day. "Calm Before The Storm" and "If Only I Could" are straight out rockers that will be instant crowd pleasers. The closing track "The Warmth Of Your Love" is an acoustic track filled with Organ swells, soft harmonica and has the sound of a fire place throughout the whole track that really sets a definite mood for this well written love song. 4*'s outta 5.

Split LP featuring 1st International rock artist joining the After Music
Recordings Scottish Andy Gallagher
Limited pressing of 300
Original artwork from Josh Mead and Astrid Young (Neil Young’s sister)
“Boy Dirt Car has got the drift again, Boy Dirt Car revived…” with
Treacherous Young Witches: a textural affair of layers with echoing &
twisting noises, guitar undercurrents and the like, interrupted by razor’d-
electro-noise eroding the music away. Enter “Louis’s Bounce” a bounce-
heavy, clanking rhythm-bed, with touches of marimba, fused with found
sounds and spoken tantrums. 20 minutes… organic as a kitten and as
possessed as the Oracles mono-toned pronouncements.
The flip features Andy Gallagher enlisting the help of Mike Watt
(MINUTEMEN), Mike Hoffman, Steve Summers and Graham Brown.
The instantly memorable opener “Should’ve stayed in bed” is
reminiscent of a melancholy Grant Hart that wont leave your memory
anytime soon. This 4- song effort then merges into tracks touching Andy
Gallagher’s influences DINOSAUR JR, SEBADOH, NEIL YOUNG and
Sailor Jerry. A great testament to why Andy Gallagher has opened for
Dinosaur Jr.